Life Care Planning

ReEntry Rehabilitation Services, Inc. professionals have expertise preparing life care plans which itemize an individual’s needs resulting from an injury or disability.  Life care plans can be used to effectively manage a case and provide a projection of future costs of care.  We have provided life care plans in cases of personal injury, workers compensation, medical malpractice, vaccine injury, dissolution of marriage and child custody, and for individuals doing estate or long term planning.  We also provide life care plans for Medicare Set Aside allocation cost projections.

ReEntry Rehabilitation Services Inc. employs certified life care planners who are responsible for each case.  Associated work is overseen by these certified life care planners.  We have in-depth knowledge of injuries and disabilities and the methodology and standards of practice in life care planning, case management, vocational issues, and foundations for costs of care.

In preparing life care plans, we consider needs for care at home, routine and periodic future medical care, surgical intervention, likely complications, medications and medical supplies, medical and adaptive equipment, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, case management, mental health services, educational and vocational services, rehabilitation evaluation and treatment, transportation and mobility, recreation, architectural modifications, home care services, etc. Information about future needs is gained through interviewing the disabled person, their families, medical providers, care providers and experts in particular disabilities, reviewing medical, billing, educational, and employment records, conducting labor market research, and reviewing peer reviewed literature and clinical practice guidelines.