What services do you provide?
ReEntry Rehabilitation Services, Inc. provides vocational and employability assessments, rehabilitation counseling, life care planning, career counseling, Medicare/Medicaid trust management and case management.  Please click here to learn more about the services we provide.

Do you provide drug/alcohol treatment/are you a drug/alcohol treatment facility?
ReEntry Rehabilitation Services, Inc. does not provide drug/alcohol treatment and cannot house people trying to recover from either addiction.  Please visit https://www.findtreatment.gov/ to search for treatment facilities by location.  ReEntry Rehabilitation Services, Inc. is not affiliated with any facility listed, and cannot vouch for any company listed.  We do not manage the directory’s website, and are not responsible for broken or missing links.

Where are you located?
Our office is located at 1435 Reed Street in Lakewood, CO.  Please click here for directions to our location.

Do you provide services in states other than Colorado?
We provide services all over the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, as well as internationally.

What can you help me with?
Please click here for a description of the services we provide.  If you still have questions regarding your situation, please click here to contact us.

How can I refer my client for evaluation by ReEntry Rehabilitation Services, Inc.?
Please call us at (303) 238-3700 and speak to Helen Woodard.  She will answer questions you may have.

I need to reach someone about my case.
Please call our office at (303) 238-3700.  For scheduling or deadlines, please ask for Peg.  For billing related questions, please ask for Bonnie.  If you need a file copied, please fax us your request and a release of information to (303) 237-3705.

Who are you affiliated with?
ReEntry Rehabilitation Services, Inc. is a privately owned business established in 1978.  We are not affiliated with any state or local governments, charities, facilities, or businesses.

What are your fees?
Each case is reviewed individually and a fee agreement is provided with fees, other costs, and information needed.

Do you take credit cards?
We accept most major credit cards for payment.  Please contact Bonnie at (303) 238-3700.