Trust Management

ReEntry Rehabilitation Services, Inc. works with fiduciaries to provide case management services for individuals who are the beneficiaries of disability trusts and Medicare Set Aside allocations.

Special Needs/Disability Trusts and Management
Receiving money from an inheritance, a lawsuit, or a settlement may cause eligibility for government benefits such as Medicaid and SSI to be lost. Depending on jurisdiction, a special needs trust, with the disabled individual as beneficiary, may permit the disabled individual to benefit from the funds without losing valuable government benefits. This type of trust can be used to provide supplemental and extra care for a disabled person beyond that which is provided through Medicaid or other governmental resources.

Trust Administration/Trust Advice
We have experience serving as trustee to manage trusts. We are familiar with the resources and services available to persons with disabilities, allowing us to purchase services and care which meet the needs of the beneficiary while helping to maintain the beneficiary's eligibility for public benefits. These services may include personal care, transportation, alternative therapies, insurance, school programs, recreational activities, equipment, household goods and home maintenance, as provided for by the trust.

Medicare Set Aside Allocations
Some workers' compensation settlements involve current or potential Medicare beneficiaries, and in some personal injury cases, part of the settlement may have to be set aside for future medical expenses to protect Medicare's interests as the secondary provider. ReEntry Rehabilitation Services, Inc. provides plans detailing future medical expenses expected to be incurred by the claimant which would typically be covered by Medicare. Once the allocation amount is determined, these monies are placed into a fund to pay these compensable medical bills, thereby protecting the injured worker from possible denial of future Medicare coverage.  We have experience managing Medicare set aside funds.