Vocational Assessment and Employability Analysis

ReEntry Rehabilitation Services Inc. professional staff provide vocational analysis to determine a client’s ability to work and earn wages.  We provide services to people who are reentering the labor force after injuries or disabiling conditions or who have had extended absences from the labor force.  Components of vocational analysis may include meeting with the disabled person, their families or caregivers, review of relevant records, contact with providers, labor market research, work force analysis, review of labor market statistics, earnings analysis, and assessment of worklife expectancy.  

Where appropriate, the firm provides vocational evaluation to assess an individual's interests, dexterity skills, aptitudes, and achievement.  We determine strengths and weaknesses, functional impact of disability, vocational potential, understanding of barriers to employment, and reasonable accommodation or assistive technology needed.   We help identify appropriate career goals and develop strategies for return to work.  We give consideration to retraining if needed and encourage disabled individuals to participate in volunteer activities or supported or sheltered work programs if they cannot return to competitive employment.

When requested, we provide opinions regarding future earning capacity in cases of personal injury, vaccine injury, workers' compensation, medical malpractice, product liability, long term disability, and employment discrimination.